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Oct. 11th, 2014

yes, because my third year anniversary needs a post~

Pretty much three years ago after my heart was devastated by one of my favorite Japanese band, I diverted my attention to other artist not related to the Japanese music industry. I remembered, I just heard their song being played in an event I attended that weekend, liked the beat of the song, the vocals and searched over it when I got home.

And so I downloaded all their albums, music videos, checked on some basic facts about the members of that band in the internet, watched some highly-recommended videos in youtube. Little did I know, I was already downloading even their guestings, performances, tv shows, cameo appearances – everything.

Got nothing to debate on who will become my most favorite member, actually, because their leader had this appeal on me that I didn’t see on the other four (not to mention his smile is heart melting….) but that doesn’t make me not love the other four almost equal as he is.

Several months after, I’ve completed buying physically all their albums, official photobooks, some concert goods, even completed my favorite member’s photocards… Give it more than a year and I’m already going out of the country watching their concerts… Pretty much crazy, right? Yeah, but maybe that’s just one of my weird ways to show how much I love them and how far I would go for them.

There have been ups and downs in this fandom. More annoying co-fans to deal with because, admit it or not, there will always be those people who just won’t be in the similar vibe as you; issues, yeah, ISSUES about each member – some are true some are not, but well, this is entertainment industry; the possible lovelife *coughs coughs* of any one of them (not like I want them to die alone, its just that I prefer certain type of girls esp. with my fave member); conflicts of opinion with other people… But there is no such thing as perfect in this world, right? Still… There were a lot of happy times during the three years I’ve been in this fandom, meeting new sets of friends would probably be one of the best.



I maybe skeptic or pessimistic or whatever you can call it, but I know, deep inside my heart, the group would not last forever. There is no such thing as forever anyway. They may someday decide to have a life outside from limelight, out on their own, but I will be here supporting them in every way I can. Maybe not as equally extravagant as the coming years, or not as loud probably as how I am supporting them now, but as long as I am able to, as long as I can, I WILL.


See you still on my 4th year in SHINee World ^^

May. 31st, 2014


Title: SIGNS
Pairing: OnHo
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,248
Summary: An assessment of compatibility leads to a heated discussion.

i saw the signs, and it opened up my mind i saw the signs... (you sang it didn't ya? ;)Collapse )

Jan. 5th, 2013

im.... still... alive? XP


its been 2358394671398 since i last posted here... and before anything else, happy year of the water snake! happy 2013! happy O-New year! ^_______^/

December has passed and yet i still haven't posted my concert report during SWC2... then i haven't even posted anything for Minho and Onew's bday... >.< but i DID make a video for dubu though. here ya go~

i just made the vid a few hours before his bday... XD so sorry for the limited vids i used coz evertime im looking for dubu-centric vids, i end up flailing by myself and i forget that i need to finish it.. its not as well-prepared as the OnHo vid i did... T_T plus the mixer and vegas im using together keep on hanging so i ended up using just avs.. >.<

which reminds me... i kinda want to make an onho vid again... there's this fanfic-inspired vid i saw (from other fandom) which was so cool... and my vid making skills are kinda getting rusty so.. yeah~

im still compressing the fan account im writing for the entire SWC2 in Singapore. its waaaaaaaaaaaay too long so im thinking of cutting some, making it simpler so as not too bore everyone... since im an MVP, you already know to whom it'll be mostly about. :))

until then... have a great 2013 ahead! m(_ _)m

sore de wa,
kristine deshita! ^^v

Oct. 26th, 2012


well, to those who i usually spazz with these two, its not really a secret that they're my ultimate OTP in the kpop fandom (next with a slight difference would be JoOnew)... and opening my uploaded vids in YT, i suddenly miss these two!!!! argh~ pairs attending fashion events, movie screening, guesting, etc... but why there has been no OnHo? :'(

*sigh* will just go back to looking at their random vids again... and oh, BTW, here's the one i've made and uploaded at YT... <3

and i miss posting stuff in LJ too! haha.. ^^

good luck to our boys at SWC2 in HK! cant wait to see them in SG this December! =))

Aug. 30th, 2012

SWC2 in SG

the release of the tickets is near and im getting paranoid if i would get one since im at work during the release time...

so, without further ado, who are willing to help me buy tickets for this dec. 8's swc2 in singapore??? you can send me a private message so i could provide my personal details and we could agree as to the price and mode of payment... pls be good to me.. kekeke...

thanks in advance for those that'll be helping! ^______^

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May. 21st, 2012

le abs~

one of the reasons why i decided to go home early from work today was because i was soooooooo hungry! but as i was browsing the net, i saw this!!! THIS!!!  the Lee Jinki who is so damn selfish of his body caught showing this!!!

(credits to the owner.. whoever you are, i love you from the bottom of onew's abs, i mean my heart.. XD)

and this, i may say, is the best monday of my life... first, ive been too busy stalking on twitter accounts for updates on their LA con, saving pics of Onew too... and this (just how many times have i already typed the word 'this'?)!

hope this awesome week stays awesome! ^______^

May. 2nd, 2012

that, that, that, that girl...

if in case you are not familiar with the title, that's one of the lines of sorry, sorry by super junior.  honestly, i'm not an ELF and though i find the song catchy, i do not like it until i wathced the KMV in Bangkok - because of those five shining boys in white and grey suits singing (and dancing) this during the show!  if i have know that earlier, i could have booked a ticket to go there... XD
OnKey = MinWook?! ^^
i love jinki, no doubt about that, but with regards to my SHINee OTP, i am more of an OnHo (TofuHo, MinNew) and OnTae fan than OnKey.  but with a lot of those OnKey moments lately (see one of their recent guesting pic below) and those wonderful fics suggested by LJ friends, as much as i want Key for Jjong only, i'm starting to like OnKey too (but not the level of my OnHo and OnTae addiction yet, argh~ i dont even know! ><).
(ps. and did i mentioned i like MinWook?!  esp. how they comfort each other in radio shows and carry on conversations and do crazy stuff. hehe)

Apr. 10th, 2012

an OnHo addiction, i mean fanvid

heya~!  due to the overwhelmness im reading and watching between Dubu and Minho, i have created this fanvid dedicated for all the Tofuho, OnHo, Minew (any particular name of this OTP i have missed?) shippers out there... 

screen caps provided below~

haven't uploaded this vid in YT yet, IDK why but YT's being a problem to me lately... couldn't upload any vids.. =(

as a result.... im providing a donwload link for it!  you can download the whole vid (in standard quality) here...

password? my username... ^_^

so.. what do ya think about it??? =))

Mar. 19th, 2012


first thing, i am not a morning person, but because of the most-awaited comeback i (and fellow SHAWOLs out there) have been waiting for, i woke up early (take note: before 3am!) just to DL their songs... i even got my soribada account logged in before i fell asleep last night.. haha.. XD oh what your love for fandom can really do~

after the download and listening the songs, i almost cried after listening while reading the translation of HONESTY's lyrics...  oh i love Jjong's creative lyric-writing... and my fave line? is this:

neul geu jariae isseonal ji kyeojwoseo
neul naega badeul binan daesinhaeseo
amu maldo eobsi nal gamssajun ne museubeul ijen
nega geoulcheoreom bichuryeo hae

(Always standing right there, protecting me.
 Always receiving the hate I should have received.
 The image of you hugging me with no words –
 Now I’ll try to hug you instead.)

yeah, SHINee, hug me! haha.. just kidding! XD another fave of mine is THE REASON.. =)  listening to that song, reminds me of how awesome this boys are.. any genre - they can definitely pull it off! (and taemin's vocals have improved a lot!)

and since they're MV teaser is out, i made this.. nyahaha... (as well as my current

i cant wait for the whole MV as well as their comeback stage... their already proving their all-kill powers topping (as in #1) many search engines (e.g. damu, melon, naver) and with just the teaser causing a ruckus at youtube.. well, everyone misses their korean stage performance...

hope they'll got a chance to sing other tracks in their album since they are really good...  <3

Mar. 10th, 2012

yah, Onew~!

onew's teaser is out...
yah! LEE JINKI~! im expecting you to be topless too, like the two youngest in your group... but you did the exact opposite~! >.< what's with the blanket?! o.O you, indeed, have a shirtless shot, but why up to shoulders only??? and the clavicles! OM... arghhhh.... anyways, i so miss Onew.... finally got to see him again...!

this teaser... really IS a TEASER...  

more news here...

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